BR Reflexology Slippers


Our Reflexology Slippers are a great fit for anyone looking to experience the powerful benefits of reflexology. They provide all-day comfort while delivering the therapeutic benefits of reflexology massage.

Reflexology slippers are designed to improve the reflexes and stimulate points most commonly found in your feet. Since reflexology is a sub-science of Chinese medicine, the areas on the sole of your foot correspond to different parts of your body. By using these specific pressure points, you allow your body's energy to flow properly and naturally maintain its balance. Using this slipper can help promote better sleep quality, relieve pain from sore muscles, stimulate digestion and more! 


Normally, about 15 minutes each time once a day.

The following are normal conditions

✅ Increased sleep.

✅ increased sweating of the feet;

✅ increased urination;

✅  increased stool frequency;

✅ Increased secretion of nasal mucosa, eyes, trachea, etc.;

✅ There is thirst and the amount of drinking water increases.


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